Some Very Cool And Useful Links

Alvin Ho Book Website -Check this Website out and read about a new children’s book that came out in 2008 and features Johnny Astro in the storyline. This book is great and the author really captures the essence and power of Johnny Astro. Every Johnny Astro enthusiast would get a kick out of this book, whether or not you have children. It is fantastic to see the Johnny Astro toy be an integral part of a children’s book – over 40 years after the toy was invented.


Garage Storage Cabinets of Northern New England -My good friend Spencer provided both the storage systems and modular flooring used to construct the AEP Workshop (see “My Story…”). These materials are of the highest quality, and should you wish to transform a garage, workshop, or another room into a clutter less model of efficiency – check out Spencer’s website.


Cult Of Apollo Website -My son David and his friend Max are writing, recording and producing music all of the time. Take a look at their cool website.


Johnny Astro Website -See a comprehensive Website that is dedicated to the Johnny Astro Toy.


NY Times Article – Johnny Astro – A fantastic article on Inventor Sol Friedman and the Johnny Astro toy that also highlights our Boy Scout replication project.


Red Venom Repros – If we don’t have a reproduction plastic toy part you need, go visit this site and Chris will take care of you.


Johnny Express Commercial – Check out a TV commercial for Johnny Express from the 1960s.


Topper Toy Commercials – Here’s a chance to go back in time and see some old toy commercials such as Johnny Eagle, Tiger Joe, Johnny Express and others.


Johnny Seven OMA Commercial – A cool commercial about the Johnny Seven toy.


Secret Sam Commercial – Another good toy commercial.


TV Days Website – Special thanks to Ira for letting us use the Johnny Astro TV commercial on our videos. If you are a baby boomer, or are interested in nostalgic TV – this is definitely a site to check out.


Randy’s Toy Shop – A site representing a company that restores all kinds of toys.


Johnny Seven Website – Go to the site run by the expert concerning this toy.


National Toy Hall of Fame – Maybe someday this museum will have criteria of acceptance that would permit the induction of the Johnny Astro Toy. It is a great site with great toys.


Toy Website with Johnny Express – A neat site that has Johnny Express on it.


The “Real” Reason I Got Into Plastics – My friends, watch this short classic film clip and see the “real” reason why I started doing the plastics stuff…