AEP Tutorials

The Three Greatest Toys – This lengthy document includes descriptive information for Johnny Express, Switch “N” Go and Johnny Astro.  While everyone has a favorite toy, I give my reasons why I believe these are the three greatest toys ever made. Restoration tips are also included for Johnny Express.


Johnny Astro Dry Ice Experiment – Want to see how Johnny Astro really works?  Try this experiment and let us know how it comes out.


Chrome Bath Configuration Experiment – A configuration is presented to chrome plastic parts using materials provided by the Caswell company ( Try this experiment and let us know how it comes out.


A Method To Chrome Plastic Parts – A method to chrome plastic parts is presented which produces results that are a cut above using ordinary spray paints. The materials and the associated procedure were provided to us by the SpaxStix company ( Give it a shot sometime and let us know how it works for you.


Make Your Own Johnny Astro Landing Carriage – Prior to making our exact replication landing carriages that are offered through the Johnny Astro website, we used this design for making landing carriages that Nap Pepin came up with.


Make Your Own Johnny Astro Speed Controller Coil – For the serious hobbyist. This is the method we used in the Boy Scout Replication Project to make the Johnny Astro speed controller coils.