How to Request a Replication

I make high quality plastic reproductions of antique toy parts. While my focus is toy parts and entire toys themselves, I make replication plastic parts for just about any application. Custom developed processes and pressure casting techniques are utilized to produce virtually exact replications of an original part. Multiple plastics types are available to cover a wide range of applications and color matching is also provided. All I need is an original part to replicate.

So if you need to have something replicated in plastic, send an Email to [email protected] along with a picture of the item and the approximate dimensions – and I’ll send you a quote on how much the job would cost. If you want me to do the job, then I would require that you ship me the part you want replicated and I will make a mold of it, and proceed to cast the replication parts you will need. Your original part will be returned to you undamaged, in the condition it was provided to me. Depending on the size of the part, the first casting is usually covered with the cost of making the mold and additional castings will be quoted separately. Please tell me the application of the part – is it for display purposes only, or is it a part that is functional in some way – so I can choose an appropriate plastic. Please tell me if the color of the part is critical or not, and recognize that exact color matching can be both difficult and costly.

I am committed to making the highest quality replication parts possible. I keep my prices as low as I can in order to insure the economic viability of my operation.  Please note that I am committed to making the best parts possible and offering them at a reasonable price. Thank you,


-Bob Lansing