Johnny Express Reproduction Exhaust Pipes – Installation Notes

The reproduction Johnny Express Exhaust Pipes are cast from a machined replication of an original piece and are made of gray pigmented plastic. The pipes are solid all the way through and the diameters of the end sections are approximately .314″ – and unlike some of the original Topper Johnny Express pipes – these should fit OK in your Johnny Express cab.

To install these reproduction pipes in your cab section properly, it is suggested that you do the following: 1)Clean out the two circular cavities in the cab section where the pipes are inserted; 2)Make sure that the circular cavities are free of debris, plastic flashing or any other material that might impede installation; 3)Insert the pipes, checking for a secure fit; 4)If the pipes fit loosely and you desire a more snug fit, simply remove the pipes and wrap a small piece of tape around a portion of the circumference where the pipes insert into the cab – this will be hidden from view and provide a tighter fit if desired.

[The exhaust pipes can be difficult to produce from time to time and parts with minor imperfections can result. From time to time I provide Reproduction Exhaust Pipes with minor imperfections at a reduced price to people who acquire other Johnny Express plastic reproduction pieces that I make. Now these exhaust pipes are still useable and can still enhance a Johnny Express display, however the exhaust pipes are not up to my quality standards and I could not accept full payment for them. If you are the recipient of a set of the imperfect exhaust pipes, note that minor imperfections occur at one extreme end of the fat pipe section. I have found that if these pipes are inserted with the imperfection facing downward, and the pipe rotated such that the imperfection faces the inward section of the cab (i.e. the imperfections on each pipe face each other when installed), it is not all that noticeable.]