AEP Services/Mission Statement

AEP Site Services

The AEP website has been established to serve as a source for replication plastic parts. Although the focus of this site is the manufacturing and provision of plastic toy parts for Topper Toys Johnny Astro and Johnny Express, I will replicate parts in plastic for virtually any application. In addition to the provision of plastic parts identified on this website, my services include the following:

– Replication of your existing part for your application (the existing part is plastic)

– Mold making and casting services for models (the existing part is a material other than plastic)

– Modeling and Development of new plastic parts from drawings/concepts

– Small Production Runs (in plastic) for tooling prototypes

– Design, manufacture and provision of molds if you wish to do the casting

– Hobbyist evaluation/consulting services in mold making and urethane casting

The AEP workshop has access to resources and people to provide services and produce parts for your application from scratch. Performing a small production run on tooling prototypes is not really much different than the production of a virtually identical replication toy part without having an original (I have done that), and the AEP workshop could perhaps be a cost effective solution worth looking into. Insofar as any hobbyist services go – unless there are any materials involved requiring expenditures, or significant time involved – these services are complimentary.


Mission Statement

Getting back to the primary focus of the website and the provision of parts for Johnny Astro and Johnny Express, this is my Mission Statement:

I am committed to making the highest quality reproduction parts possible to continue the legacy of these great toys. I keep my prices as low as I can in order to insure the economic viability of my operation. Please note that I am committed to making the best parts possible and offering them at a reasonable price.


-Bob Lansing