Johnny Express Mirror Installation Procedure

You have just obtained a reproduction set of Topper Johnny Express mirrors and now it is time to install them into your Johnny Express cab unit. Even though great care has been exercised in making these mirrors, and a high quality plastic has been used – the mirrors can be broken if not properly installed.

The part numbers are located on the rear side of each mirror. Begin by identifying each mirror:the driver side mirror part number is 6130-4281G1; the passenger side mirror part number is 6130-4291G3.A picture of the mirrors is shown below, along with a picture of a cab unit with a passenger side mirror installed:

The installation procedure is the same for each mirror. During installation, only apply pressure near the tab ends on the arm sections, DO NOT install by exerting pressure on the mirror body section – otherwise the arms may break off. It is advisable to handle the mirrors by the tabs on the lower arms. Install per the following three steps: 1) Insert the tab on the lower arm into the rectangular opening beneath the “mirror window” on the cab unit; 2) Apply gentle pressure on the lower mirror arm at the tab and swing the mirror upward into a vertical position while locking the lower tab in place; 3)Insert the tab on the upper arm into the rectangular opening above the “mirror window” on the cab unit.

When possible, installation is made easier by removing the cab unit from the Johnny Express vehicle. This is because the lower tab ends can hit against the seating section of the cab unit, and this is not an issue when the cab unit is taken apart. So if you are doing a restoration, it is advisable to install the mirrors when the cab unit is removed from the rest of the tractor portion of the toy. Removal of the cab unit is achieved by taking out the two screws just below the front windshield, located behind the black/gold “Johnny Express” decal if present.

Good Luck, and hope you enjoy the mirrors.