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Johnny Express Cab & Trailer Operation

Footage of a restored Johnny Express vehicle with the cab and trailer.

Johnny Express Cab Test Drive of Bob Bakus’ Restored Unit

The AEP workshop receives many inquiries and requests to restore original Johnny Astro and Johnny Express toys. Bob Bakus of Palantine, Illinois sent us a Johnny Express cab unit that needed a lot of work to get running again. The effort was worth it – watch the test drive of Bob’s restored cab and hear the familiar hum of the drive train motor and the familiar crackling sound of the steering motor once again. The run time of this video is approximately 1.5 minutes.

Original Johnny Astro TV Commercial From the 1960’s

The AEP workshop recently acquired a 35mm color film of an original Johnny Astro TV commercial. The previous owner of the 35mm print believed the commercial to be from either 1966 or 1967, but we do not know the year that it was made. The commercial is a noteworthy find for a couple of reasons: it is in color and it is a one minute long commercial (instead of 30 seconds long). Enjoy taking a step back into the past!

First United Kingdom Version Johnny Astro Hybrid Replication

Over the past couple of years the AEP workshop has been able to acquire original parts of the UK version Johnny Astro. Some of these parts have been molded and the AEP workshop now provides replications of several of the UK version parts. Some of these new replication parts were used in conjunction with parts of an original UK Johnny Astro set to create the very first UK version hybrid replication. This toy was recently provided to a customer in Monaco who had an original one as a kid many years ago. Check out the very first test flight of Simon’s Johnny Astro. The run time of this video is approximately 2 minutes.