Johnny Express Tire Lug Nuts Installation Notes

You have just obtained a reproduction set of Topper Johnny Express tire lug nuts and now it is time to install them into your Johnny Express cab unit. Even though great care has been exercised in making these parts, and a high quality plastic has been used – there can be problems encountered when installing the lug nuts.

The installation procedure is the same for each lug nut. Simply insert the tire into the front wheel base axle and screw the lug nut into the axle. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Repeat, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN, this is how people would break the originals and/or damage the front wheel base axle units.

A task oriented plastic has been used to make the reproduction tire lug nuts. There is NO flashing around the screw thread that occurs during the manufacture of the parts, the parts are exactly the same size as the originals they were molded from. Each lug nut made is subsequently tested in a few Johnny Express cab units that I own. The parts are screwed in and out multiple times to make sure that they work in the cabs I have available.

The Topper Johnny Express cabs seem to have been manufactured with at least a few different wheel base types: Wheel base axles that have a circular hole, and wheel base axles that have a “D” type hole that the lug nuts screw into. The tire lug nuts made have been tested in both types of wheel base axles. However, there are variations in wheel base axle openings that may be problematic when installing the tire lug nuts. Go slowly when attempting to screw the lug nuts into the Cab’s wheel base axles. Please contact me if there are any problems at all.

There are also cases in which tire lug nuts fit “too loosely” into Cab axles, because the axle openings are too large or were damaged over time, since the toys are 40 years old now in some cases. If this is the case with the wheel base on your Johnny Express Cab, please let me know. I have made some tire lug nuts with “oversized” threads that may work in your application. These are available in both red and black.

Also note that depending on the condition of your Johnny Express Wrench, or if you have a Johnny Express reproduction Wrench made by someone else, the Hex head of the lug nut may have difficulty mating with the Jack. The lug wrenches I make are exact size duplicates of originals, and they mate to the parts I make. While there should be no problem with screwing the lug nut in by hand, please note that I cannot guarantee that these lug nuts will mate to the Johnny Express wrench that you have.