Johnny Express Stickers Descriptions

So you are restoring a Johnny Express vehicle and it is missing the original license plate decals, or it is missing the white “JE” stickers on each cab door that you remember used to look so cool. Or maybe you have the Liquid Tanker accessory and it is missing the fuel gauge sticker. Or maybe the original clear “Johnny Express” decals on the trailer section are showing their 40+ years of age and you wish you could replace them to make your vehicle look like new again. So what do you do?

There is a solution…

My friend Elvezio provides reproduction Johnny Express Stickers that are just incredible. A variety of stickers are available, including reproductions of the Cab section stickers, the trailer section stickers, the liquid tanker accessory stickers, the troop carrier accessory stickers, an unbelievable reproduction sticker made of embossed aluminum for the remote control unit handle, and other stickers as well. Check out some pictures below:

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