Johnny Express Parts – Installation Procedures/Notes

Mirrors Installation Procedure – Finding original Johnny Express mirrors is a very difficult task. Due to the physical geometry, along with the degree of difficulty to install, the mirrors are the accessory that is most prone to breaking. This document contains a procedure to install the Johnny Express mirrors into the Cab Unit


Air Horns Installation Procedure – This document contains a procedure to install the Johnny Express air horns into the cab unit.


Exhaust Pipes Installation Procedure – The original Johnny Express Exhaust Pipes were difficult to install into the cab unit. They would often break because the diameter of the pipes didn’t always match up to the diameter of the cab unit mounting cavities. Since our replication exhaust pipes are molded from machined pipes that have a control on the shaft diameter, this should not be a problem. Nevertheless, an installation procedure should be followed. This document contains a procedure to install the Johnny Express exhaust pipes into the cab unit.


Lug Nuts Installation Notes – Some notes on installing the Cab Unit lug nuts.


Remote Control Unit Bottom and Handle Installation Notes – Installation Notes for the Remote Control Unit Bottom (battery retainer) and Remote Control Unit Handle.


Liquid Tanker Accessories Installation Notes – The Liquid Tanker Accessories can be difficult to install without breaking. This is especially true for the Liquid Tanker Hatches – as the original parts could have a difficult time assembling onto the Tanker. Since the AEP website provides exact replication parts, it is also true for the replication parts. This document contains installation notes for the Storage Tanker Hatches, the Liquid Tanker Hatches and the Liquid Tanker Auxiliary Engine.


Spare Tire Rack, Mud Flaps, Bumper. Tail Lights Installation Notes – How come there are so many Johnny Express Trailers around without bumpers? Have you often seen a trailer with a broken spare tire rack? These items can be problematic when installing, maximize your chances for success by checking out these installation notes.